Equipment and Materials to Prepare the Pond for Winter

Pond winter
Grid for the pond
The beginning of autumn with the first fallen leaves is the time when it is necessary to start work on preparing the pond for wintering. Falling foliage gets into the pond, eventually accumulates at the bottom of the reservoir and begins to rot, releasing harmful for the inhabitants of the pond swamp gas and ammonia. In order to effectively protect the pond from falling foliage, a mesh is used for the pond, which is stretched over the water surface. The mesh for the pond has small cells that prevent falling leaves from entering the pond. The mesh for the pond is removed only with the first frosts until it has time to freeze into the ice.
A special role in the struggle for the cleanliness of the pond in the autumn is played by the skimmer – a device designed to clean the surface of the reservoir in automatic mode. Regardless of its design, and the skimmer can be stationary, floating, autonomous or built-in, in the autumn period, this device allows you to quickly collect from the surface of the reservoir falling leaves or inflicted autumn gusts of wind squishing grass before all this dirt has time to sink to the bottom.
 Pond vacuum cleaner
One of the main procedures carried out in the autumn to prepare the pond for winter is to clean the bottom of the bottom of the bottom and decomposing debris. To do this, a special vacuum cleaner for the pond, which saves from quite laborious work on water drainage, fish transplantation, and manual mechanical cleaning of the bottom. The modern vacuum cleaner for the pond is a powerful high-tech unit and allows you to work at great depths.
 Tongs and scissors
It is important to leave the pond before wintering in a perfectly clean condition, so special attention is paid to water plants that remain wintering in the pond. Using special tongs and scissors, all plants cut rotten, old leaves, root shoots, and dried or rotten plants completely removed.
 Drugs for reservoirs
After the night temperature has dropped to 5 degrees Celsius and all summer equipment has already been dismantled, cleaned and removed from the reservoir, filtration materials are washed and dried, the pipelines are released from the water, the air and clogged are the time to start using special preparations for reservoirs. They allow to effectively neutralize ammonia and harmful gases, to establish the optimal gas balance in the reservoir, to enrich the water with oxygen. However, given the available restrictions for the use of a particular drug, as well as the specifics of a particular body of water, before applying drugs for reservoirs should consult a specialist.
To eliminate the possible oxygen starvation of fish, which often occurs in winter and can lead to their death, aerators – devices for oxygen enrichment of water are used. They provide a continuous flow of air into the reservoir. Aerators are produced in different performance and are selected for each body of water depending on its volume.
It is known that a continuous crust of ice in the coldest period leaves the fish without oxygen, which in turn, as a rule, leads to sad consequences. It is in order to constantly maintain open wormwood, through which the swamp gas comes out and oxygen enters, anti-icing is used.
 The water heater in the pond
In order to heat the water in the pond and thus prevent the formation of a solid crust of ice, a water heater is used in the pond.

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