Five reasons to choose the Samsung Galaxy A51

Today your smartphone knows more about you than your wife (husband/mom/dad/close friends).

Your personal correspondence. Contacts. Photos. Maps with your routes. Access to bank cards. And, most importantly, access to your social networks.

Your smartphone knows more about you than you do.

He remembers what ended for you last Friday.

Your whole life today is concentrated in your smartphone.

Therefore, the two most important problems of users today are the maximum security of personal data and the durability of the smartphone.

Simply put, buying a smartphone, the user should be sure that his data is secure, and the device will last long and without difficulties.

A smartphone from the world’s leading manufacturer can become a secure repository of your private information. And at the same time a reliable investment for a couple of years of use.

Let’s see how it works on the example of the bestselling world smartphone market – Samsung Galaxy A51.

Knox Security

An additional layer of security called Knox in Samsung smartphones appeared in 2013. Since then, more than 1 billion Knox-protected devices have been sold. More than 70 million people use the security system every day.

Unlike third-party smartphone solutions on Android, which can only be a software add-on, Knox fully protects your data.

The system includes layered data protection in the device using the hardware and software component. Protection mechanisms are responsible for the safety of chipset, core and software.

The data in your smartphone is encrypted and can only be opened with your personal password. In this way, they are protected even in case of theft or loss of your smartphone.

If necessary, data can be isolated from other information in your smartphone using secure folders.

Unlike third-party antivirus apps, which require periodic launch, Samsung smartphones monitor their security in real time by blocking unauthorized access to the smartphone core.

There are no analogues of Knox from competitors. Even at the flagship level, not to mention the price category in which the Samsung Galaxy A51 stands.

Official software

Today it is difficult to imagine the scenario of using a smartphone without Google services.

Mail, calendar, contacts, documents, maps, photos – all tied to numerous Google services, which have become the de facto standard in the industry.

They are used by both private and corporate users.

The risk zone is installing Google apps from unverified sources. There are many sites on the Internet offering free download apk files with the main Google apps. However, in many cases, these files contain malicious software that is aimed at stealing personal data, primarily passwords to social media accounts and banking applications. By downloading the software in questionable places, you yourself open the door to the attackers in the storage of your personal data.

Unofficially installed Google apps may not always work correctly, because they require Google Mobile Services, sewn into the Android operating system.

Timely updates

There is another problem that is related to the illegal installation of Google applications on devices that are not licensed for this purpose.

Attackers are inventing more and more ways to access personal data on Android. To combat them, Google and smartphone manufacturers are constantly improving the software and releasing regular system updates.

Without them, your smartphone can be defenseless before hacking a variety of types whether it’s a WiFi attack, browser security certificates, and more.

Google officially warns users about the dangers of personal data in smartphones that do not receive timely updates on Android security, key services and apps.


If you are not one of the maniacs who change the smartphone every couple of months just to be on trend, most likely, you want to turn the purchase of a smartphone into a reasonable investment.

Simply put, buy a smartphone for a long time, and then it is desirable to lose as little as possible when selling it.

From both points of view, Samsung looks the most profitable option, and it is not only the flagship models.

This year’s bestseller Galaxy A51 at a fairly reasonable price boasts high quality materials used. Here is Gorilla Glass and durable polycarbonate that undergo minimal wear over time. This allows the smartphone to maintain its marketable appearance even after long use. As a result, the price of the model on the secondary market will be reluctant to decline.


And finally let’s talk about the very obvious advantages of the Galaxy A51. In addition to safety and reliability, this model stands out from competitors with several unique features.

It uses a 6.5-inch screen, made with Super AMOLED technology with a neat cut-out for the front camera (InfinitiO technology) and Always On Display mode, which has no competitors in this class of smartphones.

With the current Exynos 9611 processor (10nm in state-of-the-world) and 4GB of RAM, you’ll have a store of performance that will last for another couple of years.

The camera is equipped with four modules – the main (48 MP), wide-angle (12MP), macro (5MP) and depth sensor (5MP) – and is the leader in this price segment. And selfies fans will appreciate the 32-megapixel front-facing camera with the rear-facing blur function.

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