The game designer presented a smart mask that displays emotions

Indie Game Development Team led by Tyler Gleyel presented an unusual concept of a smart protective respiratory mask with its own LED lighting system.

This gadget is like Assure developers, knows how to reproduce different emotions and their shades.

The device, called JabberMask, contains a grid of RGB LEDs in front, and this blank canvas can be used to send several different messages. You can call a heart, smiley face, or a simple word, such as “NO” or “OK.” To smile quickly, it is enough to pronounce the sound of lips.

But perhaps most impressive thing about it is that JabberMask can capture your voice and move your virtual mouth almost to the beat of what you’re saying. The gadget looks quite responsive, quickly changing the position between closed and open mouth.

JabberMask looks like a creative way to bypass some of the communication barriers in the COVID-19 world. Emotions are very important for people and a digital smile can make a big difference.

JabberMask also works as a mask. The protective part is a simple cotton mask, which, as recent studies have shown, can work almost as well as surgical masks. This nozzle can be removed from electronic components and rinsed. To make the gadget as light and comfortable as possible, the straps run along the entire length of the head, and the battery compartment is right behind.

There are three different versions of JabberMask. The JabberMask Lite is a basic model with a 6-6 LED mesh that can display a moving mouth and smile, and is powered by four AAAA batteries. JabberMask Deluxe uses an 8-8 LED grid and a battery. And JabberMask Pro adds emoji support through the Android and iOS app.

Tyler Gleyel is currently seeking funding for JabberMask through Kickstarter, with contributions starting at $29 for the Lite version, $49 for Deluxe and $69 for the Pro version. If all goes according to plan, deliveries should start in May 2021.

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